Industrial welding

The Advanced Manufacturing Skills Training Program is the product of a partnership among the region’s local industries, workforce development partners, and economic development allies to connect our citizens to good jobs.

Led by the non-profit economic development organization, SouthernCarolina Alliance, this unique training program is tailored specifically to meet the requirements of our local industries so that those who complete these programs are truly ready for the workplace from the first day on the job.

Improving the quality of life for our citizens through job creation is the mission of SouthernCarolina Alliance, which is one of 13 organizations in the country selected as a winner of the Rural Jobs and Innovation Accelorator Challenge. Funded by the USDA, SouthernCarolina Alliance, the EDA, our economic development allies and our local industries, these training programs are led by the renowned S.C. Manufacturing Extension Partnership, engaging professional trainers utilized by industry.

Advanced structural welding and nuclear welding have been identified as two of the most needed skill sets by our industries. Skilled welders are in demand not only in S.C., but around the world. Our industries have designed this program to offer the maximum hands-on experience and workplace orientation as quickly as possible.

Female-welder-45632962In today’s economy, our families need jobs that pay well and that don’t require years of expensive tuition. This training offered has been designed to teach the skill sets needed to fill current job openings.

Trainees will complete the certification programs (Advanced Structural and Advanced Nuclear) in 14-24 weeks. Training costs $5000 for the 14 week Advanced Structural Welding Program and $2000 for the additional 10 week Advanced Nuclear Welding Program. Personal protective equipment is $250. Assistance with training costs and flexible payment plans are available to trainees who qualify.

This is a not-for-profit program intended to help the people of our region qualify for good jobs. Our goal is to help you succeed in your job search, so interview and job placement opportunities are provided. While job placement cannot be guaranteed, our professional training team has had a perfect placement record for all graduates who want to work.